Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dietary Insanity Days Four, Five and Six

Well, I haven't been able to blog for awhile, but not much unusual has happened. The inventor of this dastardly diet claims that I will feel better than I have in years by day 12, I better, or I will be very disappointed in Whether I feel better from this diet or not, it is helping me eat healthier so I guess that's a plus. I've still been getting the rash from Urticaria (I'm not gonna link it again, so if you haven't seen the earlier posts go to them and click the link or just google it!) but I'm really hoping that it's gone by day 12, that would make me feel better than I have in years!
We had a caregroup meeting with some people from our church and there were snacks, snacks THAT I COULDN'T EAT!!!! But, to tell the truth, it was easier to just not eat any of them than it would be to have eaten some, and not too much!
  Mom made some sunflower seed butter and we've been enjoying it on toasted rice cakes, the best snack we have been allowed since we started! Have a good rest of the weekend! God bless.


  1. I agree it is much easier to just say no to bad foods than to say, "Ok, I will just eat a little bit." Because a little bit can always get bigger. Plus, in your mind you're always fighting with yourself about whether you should eat it or not. It's much easier to just say no, period. Hope you feel great soon!

  2. Yeah, the biggest change for the worst is having the first bite; after that it's easy to say "just one more won't hurt me." Thanks! I hope I feel great soon too.