Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dietary Insanity: Days Seven, Eight and Nine

Sorry I haven't been keeping up very well, I gotta keep this kinda short because it's almost bed time.
We have tried quite a few new recipes, they are really good! One of them was a pizza crust. We can't put any pizza toppings on it, though, but it's really tasty dipped in soup or with a Sunny Sunflower Seed Burger on it! By the way, you can find the recipe for those burgers (which are really good) in this cookbook, maybe try getting it at the library. Yesterday we had some roasted broccoli and cauliflower with some red lentil dal on it, sorry, mom doesn't have a recipe for it but it was soooo good!
My rash has started to come more easily and is usually on my face now, not liking it. Pray that me and mom benefit a lot from this diet and please pray that my urticaria goes away for good. God bless you!

P.S for pictures of the things I mentioned and more, see my mom's blog

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