Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So some might say I haven't been blogging in a while. Well, I guess I would say that they would be right.
But I'm blogging again! The diet mom and I started a while ago is drawing to a close (finally)!

Yep, we've added sugar back in, and in a couple days chocolate will be added back to our diet (with much ceremony, of course)! Soon we will be able to eat everything we used to, but we'll be trying to limit a few things so that we can try to stay healthy.
And about symptoms...I have had a runny nose for almost two weeks and am beginning to wonder if that is a symptom of cutting out so many things from my diet...hopefully it'll go away soon, it seems to be getting better.
Also my Urticaria hasn't changed at all; I think I would need to have a much more drastic plan of action than a elimination diet in order to get rid of it.
I am looking forward to the diet being over and am planning on never doing it again (unless my family is crazy enough to do it again).
God bless.

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  1. Jeremiah I am grateful for you. You have been a great encouragement to me with the Elimination Diet follow through. Thanks for doing it with me. :) I am hoping Dad doesn't decide to do it but if he does I guess I am willing to do it again. Love,Mom