Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mapping: Vosmerre, I hope

I said in an earlier post that Vosmerre would be shaped like my iris (the colorful part of my eye). Well, it turns out that that island is actually called Vizin, at least for the moment.

I did finally start mapping Vosmerre, I think, but I'm not very far into it at all yet. However, here are some pictures of what I have done (if you have any suggestions or advice, please comment; I want to know what people think):

This is my continent, I haven't named it yet.

Watch out, these islands are home to a horde of especially vicious dragons called the Draken. Draken is a variation of an ancient variation of the word dragon, Draaka is the other variation of the same word, I think. 

This is Vizin, it is roughly shaped like my iris!
Disclaimer: any and all features of this map are subject to change without notifying readers of this blog. Thank you, and have a good night.

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  1. I like it. I think it is really creative that you are shaping it like your iris. Keep up the good work. :)